Duwi 05445 remote controller and Vera Edge

Can anyone help me get the Duwi 05445 Remote Controller working to trigger Vera scenes? I ahve searched and searched and can’t find anything that is helping. I am stuck!

So far I haven’t yet successfully included the Duwi so I am starting at the beginning.

Have you seen this thread?


It’s over three years old, so things may have changed, but I never got it to work.

I switched to the excellent MiniMote controller.

I am afraid that you will not be able to make it trigger scenes etc. The Duwi remote cannot do that according to the experts. It can only be associated directly to a device and control them.

I also have one of these which I bought with my Vera Plus because of a package deal from Vesternet and I just assumed it would work well with the Vera.

Vesternet have some information on how to use it, but this is the caveat:

The R/C can’t act as a “Scene Controller”, in that it can’t trigger or run Scenes in another Z-Wave Controller. The only Scenes supported are those that can be programmed on the R/C itself as mentioned above.

This limitation more or less makes it useless to me f.x.

I have been toying around with the idea if it could control a virtual switch on the Vera, but I don?t have the knowledge to say if it is possible or not.

No Zwave controller can do that, since the virtual device is not connected to Zwave at all.

That is a pity, but in line with what I thought. I think the Duwi will be relegated to the dust bin as I currently don?t use any lighting controls so it will have limited use.

Talk to Vesternet and ask about a refund. They’re good. (I’m not associated in any way, but am a very happy customer.)

Thanks for the advice. I already spoke to them and they did indeed offer a refund. However, I am located in Iceland, so the shipping would be too high to justify it. The remote was on sale with the controller so the loss is not that great. I may be able to use it once I expand on my Z-Wave network.

Thanks everyone.

Well I too got one as a deal with my z-wave stick about 6 months ago so I don’t suppose they will now refund and in any case… I only paid ?15 for it.

Not much use to me then.

I know this is old, but you can associate the buttons with the multi-switch plugin. That is how I have the GE 45601 remotes set up. I press the button on the remote which toggles the multi-switch and then that drives a scene. The remote operation requires the ON button to be used for both ON and OFF and the Multi-switch button will stay in the last position.

YES, akbooer, the MiniMote is great. :smiley: Is there any way to get more than one of them working different devices? ??? Four buttons is waaaaaay to few. I too have returned several other hand held remotes - NO success.

Did anyone at least get the controller paired correctly and was able to ‘configure device’?
I used the Controller with a vera2 and ui5 there it fully worked, but now i can not even pair correctly


Can you describe how associate the buttons with plugin?
Thank you