Dummy thermostat device?

I have a Horstmann Zwave thermostat in my vera syste and am working out the best way to control it. At the moment I use Multistring variables to store and adjust the times of the day and the temperatures I want and send them to the stat using Lua coding. So I have time 4 “timezones” that start at 7.30 9.30 17.30 and 22.30 and 4 corresponding temperatures for each time. It all works well, and I can also obviously adjust the stat manually or via Vera as well at any time. As the icing on the cake though, I would like to be able to easily adjust the temperatures for each time period from Imperihome which I use as my normal interface. With the Multistring I have to go into the device control in VERA to do it.

So, this is my question (after a lot of waffle!) can I create 4 “dummy” thermostats (one for each time zone) that appear on the Vera exactly as the Hortsmann does, but that aren’t actually paired to anything? If I could do that, I can adjust the set temperature easily in Imperhome or Vera and then just read the value and send it to my real thermostat at the appropriate time. I have seen the virtual thermostat plugin but that has lots of controls that I won’t use. I just want a simple temperature display with up and down setting buttons, that Imperihome can interact with.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

To reply to my own question, I have found a solution. It’s not elegant but it seems to work. I have created 4 virtual thermostats and configured them to link to my existing thermostat sensor and heater. They don’t configure correctly unless you do this but, if I leave all of the virtual stats in the off position, they can never actually turn anything on anyway. I can still adjust the target temperatures and Imperihome sees them fine. It has a thermostat display option that is just current setpoint with up and down buttons which gives me exactly what I want.

Now I just need to find a similar solution for the time variable so that I can adjust them in Imperihome.

Did you get anywhere with this?