DSCAlarmPanel : Remote Arm is not enabled

Hey all, ok got the app installed and it seems to be working fine, see’s the zones, alarm state (armed/stay etc).

I am trying to enable “Remote Arm” in the advanced field and no matter what I put in there I cannot enable it. I get a variety of errors including "luup startup failure for the plugin, mentions I should read something on wiki… (can’t make out the rest but did search on wiki, etc.

I have used true, 1 all fail in various ways.

What is the magic word to turn it on?

I am using a DSC 1616 with a 3DS.


EDIT: putting “false” back into the field clears all errors.

Have you seen this post on the same topic?


Hi Tim and thanks for the info. I’m having a problem dis-arming. I read the luup string that (I’m assuming here) needs to be in the luup code window.

I have entered this in the “disarm” scene: RequestArmMode(Disarmed, 1234)

But it seems to fail.

As I learn more about the “advanced” tab for partition one, it dawned on me that perhaps I need to introduce a variable and then set the PIN there? If so, where could one find the variable list for the Partition 1 device? (And perhaps other interesting variable for other things in general.)

Thanks again for your help!!