DSCAlarmPanel : Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure.

J have just obtained my vera edge to replace vera3. Updated to latest version of software and starting from scratch to reinstall my devices and plugins. Am using DSC plugin with Envisalink 3 and DSC1864. I have the default settings on the envisalink and repeatedly I get the following error message; “DSCAlarmPanel : Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure.” I can access the alarm panel via EyezOn so no problem with the link. I have tried adding the userpassword variable with no success, and uninstalling and re installing the plugin to no avail. Any thoughts?

Just reread this topic http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,31953.0.html, and tried removing WWN app. This appears to have solved my problem, now waiting for solution to Nest problem.