DSC26103 Aeon/Aeotec Microswitch Woes..... on Vera Plus

My DSC26103s get lost (corrupted) on Vera.

I have about 10-15 DSC26103 (AEON/Aeotec) in wall switch modules in my system. I’ve had them more than 5 years now originally on a Vera Lite. I migrated to Vera Plus 18 months ago (Firmware 1.7.5186 (7.31))… My network is quite large with 60 or so ZWave devices. Every few months a DSC26103 gets lost. When this happens you cannot ping the device or issue a configuration command. Even if I move Vera alongside the DSC26103 it doesn’t return a ping. I get the naughty red dot in my iPhone HomeWave app stating something wrong with the node. The weird part is the node can still turn on and off and when it does I get the green dot in HomeWave stating success to the command.

So I suspect Vera is polling the system and not getting a poll returned so flags it as an error.
My remedy is to delete the device and repair it which is a pain for modules hardwired into a box cavity. I then have to perform a maintenance on all my scenes where this node is used and re-enroll it there. So this is messy and annoying as it happens every couple months another DSC26103 drops out. Interestingly this NEVER happened with Vera lite with at least 4 years of continuous service. Never.

In the fullness of disclosure I have set parameter 80 to “1” (1 byte hex) to enable instant status feature. For some reason when you set parameter 80 to 1 it sets polling to 60. Not sure why polling is turned on when instant enabled… I don’t think this is related as I have used para 80=1 for years without problem. Just weird the polling interval override it creates.

A few questions:

  1. Any ideas on a way to repair this node without the brutal delete and re-enroll “nuclear” option?
  2. I know that Vera Plus and Vera Lite use different ZWave engines. How do you check to see if Vera Plus has the latest version of ZWave engine? Is there a way to reinstate a prior working configuration of the ZWave network only?
  3. Why would the node still work on and off yet not respond to polls. It seems in the command hierarchy a poll is lower on the tree than a valid on/off command. I mean if on off works wouldn’t poll come along for the ride?
  4. Asking Vera support seems a useless exercise as they seem pretty much MIA on all matters. I am sure a help ticket on a now obsoleted device (replaced by Aeon Nano) isn’t going to be job 1. Regardless there must be thousands of DSC26103s in service. I can’t be the only person with this problem. I had a similar problem with Intermatic CA3500’s They were rock stable on Vera Lite but unreliable on Vera Plus. I eliminated all of them but its gets expensive replacing nodes due to buggy controller software. This is more a comment than a question…

Any ideas or suggestions how I might move this forward would be appreciated. It’s a love hate thing with Vera. I love what I can do with it. I hate the poorly supported and buggy software behind it.