DSC Setup problems

Hi all,

New to the forums and to Vera. Extensive experience (and frustration) with Homeseer. I recently made the switch to a Vera 3 and have been thrilled. Everything just seems to work, as long as its zwave. I have a DSC 1832 with 2 door zones, 4 motion zones, CO, and smoke. I used an IT-100 to connect it to homeseer, and although clunky, the interface did work.

I have connected the IT100 to the Vera3 with one of the approved serial-USB converters. All seems well with the connection. The light on the converter comes on as it is supposed to and the IT 100 LED flashes every half second to indicate comms are good.

I have configured the serial port in vera as instructed, and then I downloaded the plug in through vera itself with the “App” tab. I then assigned the serial port to communicate with the newly created IT100 device.

I configured my partition and zones as instructed.

I get the DSC device, along with my single partition, and the appropriate zones.

However, nothing seems to be happening. None of the zones respond as would be expected, and I can not arm or disarm the system, even though I put in the “disarm” parameter to enable that function.

I try to set the clock on the main page of the DSC device, using my pin plus “00”, but nothing seems to be happening.

Does anyone know how I would begin to troubleshoot this situation?

I’d like to first establish that communication with the panel is actually occurring.

I have no luup experience, and am not a code writer in general, though I’m not afraid to tinker.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I have tried to uninstall/reinstall the plug in several times.

I have searched high and low in the forums, but haven’t found anything to help.

I would start by checking to see if you have the respective RX and TX lines crossed or not between the IT100 and the USB to serial adapter and any cabling you may have in between.

If you are connected with a null modem cable, then try it direct. If you are connected directly already, then try null modem cable etc.

Lots of folk have had issues there.

Thanks for the reply. I tried both straight and with a null modem cable. There seems to be no difference, which leads me to believe neither is working. When I try to arm the system, the alarm does nothing. When I try to set the time, there is no response. I don’t know what it is supposed to do, but nothing happens.

How would you go about confirming communication with the panel? Are there some luup commands that can verify comms?