DSC RFK5500/5501 Wireless Receiver Keypads

I’m sure this has been discussed but nothing pulled up when I tried to search. I’ve got a PC1616 panel with a basic keypad that I’m looking at changing out to an RFK5500 or 5501 keypad that will support wireless sensors. The question that I have is if the wireless sensors (up to 32) will be picked up by the IT-100 and ultimately on Vera. Does anyone have one of these keypads working on their setup?

I have not had a chance to use the it -100 but I install security and I would imagine a zone is a zone, the system will report any zone the way that it was programmed to react to it.

Yes, the sensors(wired or wireless) are recorded in your panel and the IT100 will reflect these in your Vera. Point to note with wireless sensor is there is a delay between activation, panel reporting and being reflected in your Vera. The delays is normally around 6 seconds. Now that may not seem like much but if your using a wireless sensor to activate a light at night, it may not be suitable under those reporting delays.

The 6 second delay is only for wireless motion sensors. I have not seen any delays for the door and window sensors. Also the 1616 panel can only support 16 zones. That means the RFK5500 will only allow you to have upto 16 zones total. This includes your wired sensors as well. You will need to upgrade the panel to either the 1832 or 1864 for more zone support.

  • Garrett

Perfect! I already have wired door and window sensors but no glass breaks (basic builder installed system). I’m only planning to add 3 wireless GBs but like the flexibility of adding more wireless zones in the future.

Thanks for the clarification on the supported zones. I forgot I’m limited to 16 with this panel.