DSC Plugin for IOS-Iphone

Hi, I’m very new to Vera and have been having a rough time installing the unit and getting the DSC plugin working. I know have the unit working and the plugin installed and somewhat working. The plugin interface is well…sloppy and not very user friendly as compared to the eyez-on portal. I do want to move my various environments to Vera to have everything under one location for control.

Question: I have installed the DSC plugin on my iPhone but the buttons are very un-descriptive and I have still not found out how to disarm from the iPhone app, I can from the Vera portal. I assumed “Turn off” would do it but that did not work…any assistance is appreciated.

I also have environmental sensors such as water leak detection and low temperature on my panel but the plugin did not pick these up and I tried adding a new service but that did not work so I added these as motion sensors…any other ways of doing this?

Thank you.