DSC Plug-in error

I recently added a DSC 1832 with Envisalink to my setup. It appears to be working well, except that in the log I am getting an error about twice a minute. The log shows:

luvd_get_info /etc/cmh-ludl/S_DSCAlarmPanel1.xml.lzo doesn’t exist

When I ssh into the box, I see a file named /etc/cmh-ludl/S_DSCAlarmPanel1.xml.lzoenc

I’m running the latest version from the app store (0.38)

If I place a copy of the file with the extension changed to .lzo, I get the following error:
LZO::Decompress corrupt LZO is too big 646594510
LZO::Decompress corrupt LZO is too big 646594510
FileUtils::ReadCompressedFileIntoBuffer delete corrupt LZO: /etc/cmh-ludl/S_DSCAlarmPanel1.xml.lzo
luvd_open /etc/cmh-ludl/S_DSCAlarmPanel1.xml.lzo can’t decompress

Any suggestions?

You need to upload the xml file from the Vera Web interface. The files are compressed when being uploaded. You can not simply copy them over via ssh.

  • Garrett

Ah ha, didn’t know they got compressed when loaded. I grabbed the xml file from code.mios.com and uploaded that - problem resolved. Thanks.

Any idea why this happened in the first place? I did the install from the app store (multiple times to try to fix it) so I’m still not sure why it didn’t load this xml file properly.

Not quite sure. The app store can be a little flakey. Reason why some of the other forum members refuse to release other plug-ins to the store due to bugs and other issues.

  • Garrett