DSC GS3060 Alarm Panel compatibility?

I have read through about every post I can find, but I can’t figure out if my system is compatible. I have a DSC GS3060 as my sole/primary system. I was wondering if it was compatible using any of the known interfaces, either the IT100 or the EnvisaLink devices. I have posted in the EyezOn forum to see if anyone there knows. Also is the EnvisaLink 3 compatible with this plugin? It looks the same as the 2, but wasn’t sure. Oh I also have the SCW9047 keypad if that matters. I have already downloaded the software and can order the PCLINK cable if necessary to configure the alarm.

Thanks for any help.

I t will only work with the powerseries panels.

  • Garrett

Is there anything I can do to make it compatible? My system was installed by ADT and is monitored through them, so I can’t replace anything I guess, but wasn’t sure if I could add a PowerSeries onto the GS3060 so I can interface with it.

Unless DSC offers some sort of controller card to allow communication to the alarm panel, there is not much that can be done. My understanding is that the PowerSeries is the only panel that allows for 3rd party interfacing with their IT100 card or the Eyez-on 2DS or 3DS boards.

  • Garrett

Is there a list of Alarm Panels that will work reliably with Vera. Do the alarm systems have a touch panel for z-wave control as well as alarm control?

Code.mios.com will show what plugins are supposed. The most supported out of the bunch is the DSC Powerseries.

There is no touch panel that will do alarm system and zwave that integrates with Vera. Your closest option would be a tablet with 3rd party software to control Vera and the alarm system.

  • Garrett

ADT’s pulse system interacts with both through the iHub system, I was wondering if the DSC touch panel would do the same with Vera.

No, the touch panel will only control the alarm system. The ADT pulse is an all in one solution. A zwave controller and alarm system tightly integrated into each other and locked down.

  • Garrett

Your right about the lock down. Two years ago I could do almost anything from that touch panel, today I can not do anything that there is not a front page icon for. Appreciate the help.

I have the same ADT system (PowerSeries 9047 and GS3060). I purchased the TL-150 in hopes I could get my system online. The instructions were to wire it to the bus. The 9047 does not have a bus. I searched online and could not find anything. I finally called DSC tech support and pretended to be an installer ;). The technician informed me you need the TL265 to get the 9047 online. I have not ordered the TL265 yet but plan to do it in the near future. Now the big question is, will the Vera DSC plugin work with the TL265 and 9047??? If anyone has insight into this, please let me know.

No, the DSC plugin will not work with that combination.

Do you think someone will tweak the current plugin or create a new one to make it compatible?

[quote=“onthegosnow, post:12, topic:172937”]Do you think someone will tweak the current plugin or create a new one to make it compatible?[/quote]It would likely be more than a tweak to change it, and I’ve not heard of anyone embarking on that process.

In the past, the Alarm plugins have been written by people that have each particular model in their own house. If you can find someone that can write software, and happens to have one, then you might convince them to attempt the process… but it’s usually a large investment of time.

Im willing to invest the $ to purchase the tl265 and beta test if some out there is willing to write the code. :-). I’m sure there are many others out there that have these ADT systems and are no longer on contract with ADT. I really don’t want to invest in a new system. It’s my understanding that I would have to change all my sensor etc. I would consider changing the panel to another DSC if the sensors and keyfobs were compatible.

If it a dsc 9047 433 MHz the sensor and key fob are compatible with the other power series alarm system. On fact they are the same. Also you can reuse most of the programming logic that you use with the keypad with the newer system so it is not a complete start over.