DSC controls missing in Android Mobile App

Noticed in the Android mobile app, that the controls for arming, disarming, etc are completely missing under the “Device” list. I’m assuming this a plugin bug, but it could very well be a mobile app bug.

It would assist if you provided details on which Android Mobile App you are using.

The official “Vera Mobile” app…sorry about that. Device is listed, but no controls exist to arm/disarm. The settings do show up in desktop browser, and Imperihome.

Did you ever figure this out. I have the same issue no arm, disarm etc buttons in the Vera Android app but they do show when logged in from my laptop?


Indeed it is missing from the Android Vera mobile app but is it available and working fine on the IOS Vera app. Odd…

There is also a problem when trying to disarm the alarm using the HTTP page, Device, Partition x, PIN, Disarm. However, it is possible to disarm the system using Device, Partition x, Right arrow, Alarm Partition, PIN, disarm.

Hope that all of this get fixed soon.

+1 for another user where the controls aren’t available in the Android app. I’m new to vera so I didn’t know any better but this makes it pretty unusable from the app.

Another +1 for arm/disarm from the Andriod app. I was just advised to upgrade to UI7 for Alexa support. I was not aware I would lose my DSC control.

Currently I cannot arm or disarm from the local UI7 or mobile app. Working with support through email now.

How are the rest of you dealing with this now? It has been months since the first report!

Not showing the UI for most plugins has long been an issue with the Android mobile app, I believe.

I have scenes I use to arm/disarm. But agree the Vera Mobile android app is pretty lacking. Even Z-wave thermostats are just barely supported.