DSC Alarm Panel - Disarm not working

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First post! Hope I’m not repeating an issue; I searched the forum to no avail…

I’ve got a DSC 1832 communicating with a Vera3 via the IT100 and a RS232 adaptor. I only installed the DSC Alarm Panel app yesterday, so I assume I have the most recent version. The Vera and the DSC appear to be talking to one another well, and I can arm the alarm system from the UI5 web interface. I searched and found the “change false to disarm” secret, which made the arming work well.

However, I can’t disarm! I get an “incorrect access code” error. How is that possible, given that I’m communicating with the panel just fine, and that I’m able to arm? Where would I go to try and re-enter my alarm code?

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Use the Devices wrench to open the dialog. There’s a PIN code field in there that’s required to Disarm.

UI5 has slightly less functionality here than UI4, where you can disarm from the Dashboard directly.

This is great info. Thanks!

Any idea how to control the alarm via an iPhone app? I’m currently playing with the SQRemote app, which I quite like. Can’t work out how to control the alarm, though.

You can create scenes in Vera, using Advanced scenes tab, and associate them with buttons in SQRemote. That’ll let you arm, and disarm (with a scene stored PIN code) then Panel.

I use a load of motion sensors in SQRemote as a dashboard of the house. Unfortunately you cannot see the current panel status in SQ… at least not directly.

Oh, that is GENIUS. I’ll give it a shot now! Thank you!

Since SQ Remote does not have full support for alarm panels, as Guessed mentioned, you need to reply on scenes to achieve some of the things you want. Not ideal, but it does work.

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Thanks very much, you two! Works like a dream.

Any hints on how to show the alarm’s current status in SQRemote?


The nearest you could do would be to scene script a Virtual device to stay in sync with the armed status. Something that SQRemote can display like a SecuritySensor1 (motion)… then put that on the dash to display the current arm disarm state.

yowsers… that sounds like Greek to me. I’ll work at it and read the manuals, as I know I’m supposed to, before hounding for more hints.

Many thanks for all the help thus far,