DSC Alarm Icon Fix Up

If you are using the DSC Alarm plug-in and no longer have Icons for your Alarm or Partition devices the attached will fix that up for you. I used standard icons that I know will be on your Vera.

The model app uses its own icons, I can’t fix those.

Note that for the Partition device:
Armed = Door Lock - Locked
DisArmed = Door Lock - UnLocked
Alarm Active = Siren

DSC-Fixup.zip (4.7 KB)

How to use these files:
Download the zip file and extract the 2 filed.

Login to your Vera Controller and goto:
Apps->Develop apps
Click on “Luup files”
Click “Upload” (or drag the file to the box) and select the two files you extracted from the zip file.
Leave the checkbox “Restart Luup after upload” checked so that you system reloads.

Fresh your browser and check that your icons are now showing correctly.

If they are still not showing correctly, go to
Settings->z-Wave Settings
Then click Advanced
Then click “Reload Engine”

And refresh your browser again.

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Thanks @shallowearth

If you are ever short of something to do, and you fancy a little mission to clean up (fix up) forgotten UI7 .json files, there’s a lot out there … :slight_smile:

Under UI5 I used to have an updated .json for door/window and motion sensors that also showed the last trip date/time - I miss having that in UI7 , but could never work out how to do it…:cry: