DSC 1616 alarm and DSC plugin problem force arming alarm system

It seems that the option for force arming the DSC alarm panel does not work. If I have a zone open the force arming function does not seem to work through the vera to the envisalink3ds connected to my DSC panel. Does anyone know a way around this? Please let me know.

Were you able to the the Force Arm to work?


No. I was able to add “disarm” in the proper remote enable variable but now:

I have the blue banner “DSCAlarmPanel : Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure.” in Vera UI every time I log in…

I’ve reached out to Envisalink and they claim not their issue / direct me to Vera. I’ve posted on Vera and sent support request but no answers yet…

Bottom line is Envisalink works fine (I did NOT change default user name or password in the module)from the “eyezon” remote site (arm / disarm, etc), Vera sees this module and has populated all partitions and zones with DSC #40 noted but I have zero control…I’ve seen a dozen post regarding this and every time some one chimes in directing to a previous post that proves very vague and never specifically addressing the fix… If Vera thinks the password is Invalid for the EnvisaLink module then where does Vera want me to fix this?? Because the module itself is fine, functional and online. ???

So, I think the issue is your inputting the Envisalink Eye’s On password and what Vera needs is the code you would use to arm / disarm directly from the keypad.

I have had arm / disarm working perfectly from scenes, PLEG and from VeraMate on my iPhone. Have not yet figured out force arm nor panic, I want both…

Have you tired using RequestQuickArmMode and RequestPanicMode in a scene?

On the DSC 1616, the force arm function will only work if the zone attribute for the faulted zone(s) have force arm enabled.

By default, only zone types 05 (Interior, Away/Stay), 06 (Delay,Away/Stay), 09 (24HR Supervisory), 22 (Momentary keyswitch), 23 (maintained keyswitch), 26 (24HR Non-Alarm), 31 (Day Zone) and 37 (Night) allow force arm, unless you specifically enable the option in zone programming.

If any other zone type is faulted when trying to force arm the panel, the panel will not be armed.

Has anyone figured this out yet? I have been trying for weeks to get force arming to work from vera. From the Envisalink mobile link/website force arming works fine. From there system automaticly arms to away mode when there is an open (force armable) zone. When trying to Arm the system from vera when there is a force armable zone open you get a “SYSTEM NOT READY” message in the vera logs.

This is the error message i get from the logs:

luup_log:171: DSCAlarmPanel: debug Panel::System Error (Partition is Not Ready to Arm) <0x72a2a520>

It seems like the DSC plugin reads the vendor state 653 (Ready to Force Arm) as though the pannel is not ready to arm. I need a away around this! I need to arm with pin in order to track which users are arming, so quickarm is not an option.

-I have three 24hr non alarm zones in my partition. All of their attributes are set to be force armable and bypassable.

I hope someone can chime into this.

  1. I’m wondering if there is a way to send the request via Luup directly to the envisalink (via PLEG) in order to bypass the DSC plugin. Can anyone advise me on this?

  2. Is there a way to change the vendorstatuscode and VendorStatus in order to trick the system into thinking the alarm is Ready instead of Ready - Force Arming.