Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Vera

I could operate lights and other devices using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice commands when I use the home remote Pro Gateway. It was relatively easy. However, the Vera screen was much more difficult especially because of the double scroll. Are any of the programmers working onVera familiar with Dragon NaturallySpeaking? This was the especially helpful for people with movement impairments.

It would also be helpful for those of us who are eagerly looking forward to the day when we can come home and, like Sheriff Carter in the scifi television series “Eureka,” ask S.A.R.A.H. (or in our case, Vera) to lock the door, set the lighting, etc., all without having to scroll through these incredibly long lists of scenes and devices. Right now, Vera seems to be more like HAL. Every so often she gets stubborn and I have to go into her innards and shut her down before she kills me.

I just discovered that by using the smartphone application on my computer, I can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to control my devices. See https://findvera.com/mo

How does NaturallySpeaking Dragon controls the scenes?

my web browser is Firefox. the address bar, I entered https://findvera.com/mo. That I enter my username and password. And logged in. Then I saved the that page to my bookmarks toolbar. I call it Vera mobile. I have a “room” called “scenes”. So, I say “scenes”. That takes me to my list of scenes, and I just say the name of the scene. Voila.

Not sure of your operating system, les, but I know Windows Vista also has voice commands, at least the ability to voice-coach your mouse to click on something, and run programs. Maybe a primitive way to do things compared to Dragon, as I’ve never used or seen dragon, but it’s there.

thank you. I may give it a try. It would be interesting to compare the two. It really surprised me how well it works with the smart phone application because it’s virtually impossible to use voice control with the Vera webpages at findvera.com