Downloads: [Release] openHAB 1.6.2 with MiOS enhancements/fixes

The openHAB team is putting together a 1.6.2 patch-release and Thomas has been kind enough to pull the MiOS Binding changes, as requested by @lolodomo, into this release for us.

This build it targeted to release on Sunday.


Once released, this will give people a stable build to pull from instead of having to use my version. This 1.6.2 release will presumably be added to this standard openHAB Build/Release page:
Releases · openhab/openhab1-addons · GitHub

and will handle most Advanced Users/Developers wanting to kick the tyres a little more.

Newer development, like the [tt]sendMiosAction()[/tt] action discussed previously, will continue to be done in the 1.7 openHAB codeline.

The openHAB Team have now released v1.6.2:
Releases · openhab/openhab1-addons · GitHub

with the above listed bugfixes included.

For those interested in “up to the moment” code, should we still be using the 1.7 MiOS bindings download with the 1.6.2 core? Or did the changes in the 1.7 MiOS bindings already get rolled into the 1.6.2 release?



These “Release” downloads are for folks that want to get their feet wet and/or be able to openHAB Forum for help.

ie. “I’m using openHAB 1.6.2 and …”

Once I’m done, there will be sticky posts for:

[ul][li]“Downloads: [Release nn.nn.nn]” - for links to the formally published version.[/li]
[li]“Downloads: [Nightly]” - for links to openHAB Nightly build and related info from cloudbees[/li]
[li]“Downloads: [Untested]” - for links to stuff that hasn’t been merged into the main Git Repo.[/ul]

It’ll just take me a while to get all the information into the right form. These posts will be stickied to the top of the forum. The “Release” one will be recreated for each significant release containing new openHAB/MiOS Binding features.

ie. When 1.7 releases, “Release 1.6.2” post will be unstickied, and a new one created for Release 1.7.0, and so on.

Hopefully this will keep each one short(ish), with comments that only pertain to that specific release.

But to answer your specific question, if you want “bleeding edge”, then that’s Nightly openHAB Runtime Core 1.7 (cloudbees) with the Untested MiOS Bindings 1.7 (mostly the new Action stuff that hasn’t been reviewed/merged yet)

These have no dependency upon openHAB Runtime Core 1.7, so you can just as easily run the Untested MiOS Binding 1.7 against Release openHAB Runtime Core 1.6.2