Downloading plugin #7016

Had to hard reset the Vera a few days ago and installed a backup. Keep getting the download notice (think it’s for Gcal3). Unable to uninstall or update - is there any way of deleting plugin by removing files? All my Gcal3s have been moved to openLuup so there is nothing to retain on this machine.

Hmm – Its been a while since I have even looked at GCAL3 and I no longer actively use Vera.
As one of my professors once said “Any program when complete is obsolete” :slight_smile:

From memory the openLup install used a github repository ?? (which I have not maintained in a long time).

The error message suggests that the D_GCal3.xml file is missing.
The best I can do for now is send you the last versions of all the files and you can manually copy them. (27.0 KB)

Thanks Stuart.