Download Ezlo Hub for Free

We have two different Downloadable Controllers/Hubs that can run either on Linux or Windows environments.
One is standard Smarthome hub

And this one is Smarthome hub with CCTV and AI fully built in.

Both are free and operate locally.

You can see the hardware requirements as well as compatible Zwave/Zigbee sticks on the above website.

Are there other hardware requirements for the SoftHub + CCTV + AI? this information is missing on the relevant page:



Perhaps hardware recommendations can be added for certain example configurations.

For example:

  • SoftHub only → at least Pi2 with x MB
  • SoftHub + CCTV + AI with two cameras → Pi4 with x MB
  • SoftHub + CCTV + AI with ten cameras → Linux PC with Y CPU and X MB

Hello @Odysee ,

We will check about that and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Just a little reminder: The indication of the supported platform for EZLO SOFTHUB + CCTV + AI is still missing on the webpage. Which hardware is recommended for which scenario?

HI, CCTV only works on amd86 (Intel/AMD) cpus. ARM based systems like PI are not supported. It would have saved me a couple of hours if that was mentioned somewhere.

Hello @Odysee @reneboer
Thank you for pointing us to that missing info. We’ve added more information to the Setup page.

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