Downgrade UI6 to UI5 (Have no previous backup)

Okay so my issue is im in UI6
and i cant connect to my sq blaster
as well things are really buggy
switches and locks work
but id like to go back to UI5 as ive heard it worked better
is there a way i can do that
or a universal ui5 backup i could use

Please search the forum as there are a few threads describing how to do this.

  • Garrett

cloudstruck, I got the following instructions from Vera support this morning (because I also wanted to downgrade):

[ul][li] Go to Advanced Settings → Setup → Firmware[/li]

[li]Input the following in the “Advanced: URL for Vera custom firmware” field and then click on Download:[/li]
[li]When prompted, select to restore to default settings when downgrading.[/li]
[li]Once the downgrade process is started, you should wait for at least 20 minutes before trying to connect to your unit.[/li]
[li]After the downgrade is complete, you can try to restore previously working backup. To to this, simply login with your username and password into the Vera unit’s dashboard and go to Setup → Backup and you should see a list with existing backups. You can download a backup from that list (from when the devices were working fine) and download it to your computer. Then, you have to click on Browse and select the downloaded file , check the Restore Z-Wave network box and then hit the Restore button. It might take a few minutes in order for the restore to be complete. [/li][/ul]