Dougle Tap (on) as a trigger

In my previous home, I had Insteon switches and an ISY as a hub. There was a differentiation between a status of a device and the command set to the hub I had set up a program that if I hit the ‘On’ switch at the device two times within 5 seconds, then the event would occur. I did this by incrementing a variable each time the ISY saw an ‘On’ command from the device. The variable would reset to zero after 5 seconds. If the variable equaled 2, the the activity would occur.

I see the the Conditions/Restrictions that there is something similar, but it is only for Status. To make it work, I would have to turn the light On, then Off, then On again. Ok, doable, but I was hoping for just 2 presses of the ‘On’ button

The switches in question are Jasco/GE wall switches configured as Genenic Z-Wave devices


This is a device-specific issue, not really a Reactor issue, but you can use Reactor to help figure it out (maybe)…

Use the Device Spy feature in the Tools tab of a ReactorSensor to watch one of the GE/Jasco switches while you go play with the button. If there’s something Luup does to detect the double-tap and set a state variable to indicate that condition, that’s your trigger variable.

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