Double click/triple click is detected with reactor

I have a number of fibaro roller shutter 2 with which you can also control scene by means of 2x click down/ up button. I use PLEG to arrange this. I found the example on a website. See the example below.

Is it also possible to do that with reactor?


PLEG is so powerfull! I always hoped Vera will integrate this natively.

No problem for Reactor. Search the category for sl_SceneActivated and sl_CentralScene and you’ll find several examples, and as always, I’ll be here to help things along.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’m going to try and figure it out.

I searched for sl_SceneActivated and found REACTOR conditions below

sometimes 2x/3x click works and sometimes not. I think it has to do with the condition below that works well in PLEG but that I cannot build in REACTOR because I don’t understand what PLEG does with circled conditions


Maybe you can build this in REACTOR

In Reactor, the simplest path with most scene controllers is simply an AND group where you test sl_SceneActivated or sl_CentralScene (which depends on the device) for a specific value and “updates”. Let’s look at the group first:

Group “Scene 15 Press” – AND

  • Device State, scene controller device, sl_SceneActivated equals 15
  • Device State, scene controller device, sl_SceneActivated updates

The first condition should be obvious: you are matching when sl_SceneActivated has the value 15. So when whatever action taken on the buttons causes the scene controller to report 15, this condition will go true. This alone is enough to detect the button press most of the time.

But what if the user presses the same button/does the same action twice? On the first press, the value of sl_SceneActivated changes to 15, so that’s OK. But on the second press, the value is already 15, so nothing happens. So we need to tell Reactor to react even if the value is the same, and the way we do this is by combining the value test with an updates test. An updates test will pulse briefly true any time Vera signals that the variable has been re-written, even if with the same value.

So you’re really almost there. Just change LastSceneId to sl_SceneActivated in what you have, and you should be good to go.

The REACTOR example on the forum put me on the wrong track. I picked up the fibaro 2 shutter documentation and it told me the scene variable is SceneID in stead of sl_SceneActivated.


Now I have set the following settings in REACTOR for Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 and it works !!

  • Device State, scene controller device, LastSceneID equals 15
  • Device State, scene controller device, LastSceneID updates

Thank you for the explanation and tips. You helped me further

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I have tested the reactor settings above mentioned for a period. It is better to set the Reactor settings below

  • Device State, scene controller device, LastSceneID equals 15
  • Device State, scene controller device, LastSceneTime updates