Doorbell Sensor with Schlage RS100HC

My doorbell is pretty simple. Picture attached. Just two screw terminals.

Do I just wire that directly to the Schlage (already paired with Vera)?

(I tried this with some cat 5 cable but nothing happens when I press the doorbell. I will try with better gauge (and non-stranded) cable).

Also, does the Schlage have anything like this to invert the status?,12996.msg122078.html#msg122078

I have a z-wave sensor I ordered months ago and have been meaning to wire it in to my door bell. Mine mostly looks like yours. From reading though I think I have to wire up to the plunger to to make it trip.

ok I have done some more research and looked at this some more (and rewired my sensor).

When the sensor is wired to those two terminals, current passes through those wires even when the door bell is not pressed (I assume current from the sensor battery). So clearly those sensors won’t work.

It appears I need a relay.

I used a voltmeter to measure the voltage across those two terminals when somebody pressed the doorbell button and it was around 13.5… is that standard for a doorbell? or is it usually 12 or 16?

So I’ve read this:

and purchased a 12V relay at my local shack.

But the pins on the relay I purchased are different than the pins in the blog post.

Please see the attached image. Can anybody tell me what pins to solder the dry contact to and what pins to solder the doorbell terminals to?


I wired my relay directly to those terminals. But the relay I used utilizes 10-30 vad/vdc. See my post here - [url=,25006.msg181905.html#msg181905],25006.msg181905.html#msg181905[/url]