Doorbell Ingenuity

I spotted a Z-Wave doorbell button on eBay(image attached for posterity) that I thought was quite clever and may be of interest to some here. I don’t know if this is a mass produced product or a custom made product.

It appears to be a Schlage(Ecolink) RS100HC Door and Window Sensor that someone added a button to. It allows a completely wireless Z-Wave doorbell button to be mounted at the door. It lacks an actual bell, but I’m sure you can all figure out how to do that to best suit your needs, Z-Wave relay, siren, flashing light…

It’s super simple and straight forward, but I think it’s quite clever as I never thought of it.

$60… that guys is very optimistic. It is clearly using a button to touch the wires/traces in the door sensor. Fairly good idea, if it works well, but for $60 it better do a lot more than send a Zwave signal.

I think he is optimistic, as you said. But, it’s simple enough to do yourself for ~$40. But, no. It doesn’t do anything besides send a tripped and untripped status.

I’d pay $20 more bucks to have someone do all the work (as long as it’s returnable) :wink:

My solution for this was detecting the doorbell at the transformer and keeping my existing doorbell button untouched.

Part List:

At the end, I get a tripped signal for 8 seconds when the doorbell is pressed. I then play an audio message and the live feed from my door camera shows up on my Windows Media Center (which plays all my TV, Movies, and Music) on any room with motion detected.

Picture attached

That’s pretty good. I especially like the 8 second trip state, rather than a momentary trip. But an extra $100 on top of the price of a regular door bell. That’s more difficult for me to justify the cost.

The idea in my original post was for a quick and easy Z-Wave doorbell anywhere. Like adding it to the back door.

I would prefer not to need a 5VDC power brick though. Anyone knows what parts are needed (from Amazon) to make a 24VAC to 39VDC to 5VDC power supply? I can’t decode a part list from this post, as I’m not electrically trained (just software): 24VAC to 5VDC Conversion « RAYSHOBBY.NET

This list is for this diagram and produces only 5VDC 0.3amps
(1) 470uf 35v Capacitor
(1) 68uF 35V Capcitor
(1) Zener Diodes 5.6 Volt 0.5W
(1) Set of 25 pcs 1N4002 100V 1A DO-41 Rectifier Diodes
(1) Vktech 10pcs 7x9cm PCB Blank Circuit Board Prototype

I’d recommend price shopping these from or or even Don’t forget the freight! That’s going to cost more than this whole project, so single source it if you can.