doorbell and cam setup

is there a addon for doorbells to add some sort of scene functionality? my house comes with a pre-wired doorbell already, but i wanted to convert the doorbell so i can trigger scenes such as sending a message to my phone with the doorbell rings and take a picture from the camera.

Have you searched the forums?

You might be stuck on this idea, but I have a front door camera (along with others) running blue iris software (one time fee of 40.00 for software) on a computer that’s recording. There is also a blue iris app for both iPhone and Android devices that views the recordings, live video and receive notifications (10.00 for app). With this setup I have my front door camera to send my an alert anytime there is motion, then I view the camera or the recording (which can be set to pre record for motion and for so long after motion stopped so you get a good view). I think this is better as i get an alert when the mail man shows up, or anyone comes to the door even if they don’t press the door bell (which I have and find more people knock anyways, including the mailman when he leaves a box as shown by my now recordings).

Before blue iris, my camera (ip camera, foscam) can also send me email with 3 snapshots of movement. But I found that my email gets flooded and its more clunky then an alert inside the app. Plus I only got one bad picture of the bastered that stole my package off my door. Even tho it takes 3 snapshots he was quick and I only got 1 shot of him. Now I have a video.

Let me know if you’d like more info.