Door/Window open close sensors stop working

I have tried two brands of open/close sensors with the Ezlo hub. The one I am currently using is the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro.

I am able to add the sensor just fine to the hub, and for awhile, the hub shows its open/closed status as I move the magnet to, or away from the sensor.

However, after awhile, the hub stops responding to the sensor events. Meaning, the Vera UI no longer detects/shows a change, AND the hub no longer broadcasts a change event.

I’ve removed, and re-added the devices to the hub, same issue.

Hello @robotman,
Please note the Aeotec ZWA012 Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro is not currently integrated with Ezlo controllers. This is probably the reason why the device is not working properly with the controller.
However, its integration is in process at the moment. If you are trying to pair the device using Smart Start, I would recommend trying to pair using the conventional pairing process with the option “Generic Z-Wave device”.
I have created this integration request so the community can follow up on the process.
Can you please let us know the model number of the other sensor?

Thanks (it did work for a while, but then stopped, so that make sense).

The other one, however, is the Ecolink Door & Window sensor which does seem to be supported. (Although stops working after a bit).

I have created a Support Ticket for your case since we would like to gather more information on the case. Please be aware of our email.
Kind regards!

The Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO Door/Window Sensor has also been submitted for integration. You can find the request here.

Thanks, note I don’t have access to your Jira so I can’t see the request. (What open/close sensors are currently supported?)

Hello @robotman,

You can find the Door & Windows sensors compatible with your Ezlo here.

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Thanks - now I’m even more confused. @Oscar.Morales noted above that the DWZWAVE2.5-ECO Door/Window Sensor was NOT supported, yet this page shows that it is. (It’s the one I’m having trouble with).


Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 4.23.56 PM

Hello @robotman,
The integration request was answered by the integration team saying the device is already integrated. It seems like the device was also recently added to the list. I’m sorry for the confusion. This means we will need to investigate why the device is not working properly with your controller to fix the issue or escalate it. We should continue the communication through the support ticket.
Kind regards!

Thanks - I’ll add a little more of the issue. When the Ecolink sensor has not been triggered for some time (let’s say it was sitting all night and the door had not been opened for a few hours)… When the door opens again, the hub does not recognize a state change, and the door has to be closed, and re-opened again for the trigger to happen. The light on the sensor blinks which leads me to believe it’s not a sensor issue.

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