Door Switches To Control HVAC

Hey, newby here. I have a 3 story house that is used as a guest house by a client. We are on the coast in the SE US and his freinds leave the doors open with the HVAC running which causes some problems in our humid environment.

Ideally, what we want to do is have door switches trigger the HVAC systems to turn off if the doors are left open after 10 minutes or so. I am assuming this can be done with regular door sensors, z-wave thermostats, and a Veralight.

I am about to get into installing this stuff for various projects, but have no experience so far. My questions are if I am correct in the assumptions above and if there are any traps here that I should know about. Is this a crazy idea that could probably work with custom scripts that would probably be unreliable, or pretty basic stuff that shouldn’t be a problem? Also, should I expect range issues trying to do this over 3 floors?

This has been discussed several times in the past with examples of setting this up. I suggest you search the forum. I’m mobile so I can not provide you a link.

  • Garrett