Door Strike and Z-wave

Anyone know a way to z-wave control a door strike plate? I have a situation where the door is custom and can’t fit a schlange lock, but we want to be able to remotely unlock the door. I’m thiking that an electronic strike plate in the frame would be a good solution, but not sure how I would control it with vera.
thanks afor any help!

I think this is the nearest we’ve seen so far, but not cleat if anyone’s actually has one… Yet

Thanks. I guess I will wait and see what happens with that product. :-\

I had the same issue. My door is 3" thick and the Kwikset Z-wave lock had an electronic strike but does not have a long enough key to engage the strike. So, I ordered a Baldwin Boulder 8252 Electronic Dead Bolt which fit my door. Now comes the fun… I also purchased a Kwikset Z-Wave dead bolt for the wave card. It’s very easy to remove the card from the Kwikset lock and put it in the Baldwin lock. The insides are essentially identical. Now, the Baldwin lock shows up in mios as a kwikset lock but it all works just like the kwikset z-wave lock would.

I suppose this is an overly expensive way to go about this but I was driven mostly by simply making it work. I am also able to use the kwikset lock that is missing the z-wave card elsewhere that I don’t need to manage from mios so it’s not that bad.

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no support for doing this and when researching, I couldn’t get anyone to tell me anything about it. Hope that helps!

That’s cool! Unfortunately it won’t work for my situation. I can’t really modify the door side of things at all. That’s why I thought the strike would work since it gets installed on the frame.

You could technically use an Evolve FM-20 and run the 12-24V for the door strike through the ISO relay.

interesting idea. I’m not sure I have the electrical knowhow to pull this off. would the wiring be difficult? Would I be able to hide the Evolve FM-20 in the wall?

I may have to wait to see what happens with the poly control product…

Not by any electrical code that I’ve ever seen.

Do you have wires run to the door strike already? If so, where do they lead?

i don’t have a door strike yet, I’m basically starting from scratch

Seems that any standard electric door strike would work. Just use the Evolve FM-20 as the button control for it. You would need to run power to that side of the door frame. You could cut out a standard gang box hole, install a gang box and run the 110 to it and put the Evolve relay in it. Put a blank cover over the box and your done.

Is the FM-20 small enough to fit in a single gang? I have never seen one in real life and the sites selling them do not show dimensions? I like this idea, tho.

Hi guys,
I am with Poly-Control, as you can tell :wink:

Just found this, and i wanted to reply you all.

To answer the question, YES the z-wave enabler can control a doorstrike or a magnetic door lock.
The product has been made especially for this purpose.

As mentioned all of our products are at the moment EU freq. But we will follow up with US and AUS.

Our products are available in EU stores and UEA stores right now (sorry if this looks like i’m advertising, not the point)
But we will be launching in US after the CES trade fair i Vegas in January, were we also will be launching some very interesting new items.

Hope this answers some qustions.

Best regards
Hans Overgaard

I would need this for an apartment in Vienna, Austria. Does it work with Vera2 on the EU frquency and where can I buy it?

I’ve seen these in several webshops. Poly-control have a list of resellers on their website, here: Sales inquiries · Danalock

Cool. I will keep an eye out for the US release in January.

Updated info:

Thanks for your email.

As you maybe have followed we were at CES Las Vegas, rather successfully, we also showed our new US Dead Bolt version.

We are working on setting up a US distributer, and hope this will be settled within the next 3 month, then you can get all devices local in the US.

After CES we see the US market as very interesting and attractive for us, we also have all the production running now, and are able to make a very attractive US retail price.

FYI - PolyLock will retal at 249 USD, PolyPad will retail at 149 USD and these 2 devices as a PolyKit will retail at 299 USD.

Venlig hilsen/Best regards

Hi guys,

Just an update on the US market

We are working on the release of the US version.

But we are at the moment working with a couple of dealers, so hopefully it will be available soon.

Best regards
Hans Overgaard

I am in the same situation. My door has only 3mm between the key cylinder and the end of the door. I cannot put a deadbolt. I am looking for exterior keypad that can control a door strike and in the same time to be controlled by Vera and to be able to change access codes and monitor who entered remotely. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

While I don’t know of a battery powered solution, a possibility could be to use a Seco-Larm keypad with relay output to a FortrezZ MIMOLITE input and then connect the Door Strike to the MIMOLITE output.

I have not tested this but just thought I would mention it as a possible solution.

[quote=“ASIHome, post:19, topic:169186”]While I don’t know of a battery powered solution, a possibility could be to use a Seco-Larm keypad with relay output to a FortrezZ MIMOLITE input and then connect the Door Strike to the MIMOLITE output.

I have not tested this but just thought I would mention it as a possible solution.[/quote]

Thank you very much, but I think it will be too complicated, especially if I would like to create temporary access codes, and keep a log, or notification.