Door sensor does not show status on phone app

On my computer, on the Vera portal for my system, I can see my garage door sensor opening and closing via a small icon that goes red when open, and grey when closed.
This does not show up in the phone app though. So I have indication that the door is open or closed.
I do have some programs set up to send an alert when open at night or for more than xx amount of time.

Has anyone run into the phone app not showing the device open and close status? Any solution?


  • What is the device model number of that garage door sensor?
  • What Vera Model do you have?
  • Was it previously working as expected or perhaps is new?
  • Is it a plugin or a Z-Wave sensor?

Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor sz4f-6351v


The sensor works. I can see it and open/close indications on my computer UI, and I have an automation that reacts to it.
My phone app shows the device but does not show the open/close indication.

Zwave tilt sensor on the garage door.

The difference seems to be with the phone UI vs the computer portal UI

Hi @Edward_h

In order to resolve such behavior the category and sub_category of the device were changed, the correct values are:

  • Category: 4
  • Sub_Category: 1

If you have more questions let us know.