Door sensor added

I’ve added code to handle a door sensor. I purchased two inexpensive door sensors from Banggood; Product ID’s 1056242 and 70869.
To have the RFXtrx433 decode these sensors you must enable the Lighting4 receiving protocol. To add them to your system, enable Automatic creation on the Managed Devices screen and trigger the sensor. These sensors only transmit on door opening (when the magnet is moved away from the sensor). When the device is created an AutoUntrip variable will appear in the device’s Advanced → Variables page. You will want to set the value of this variable to at least a few seconds. Otherwise when tripped it will never ‘untrip’. The variable is created with a value of 0 because this variable will be created for all door sensors, some of which may in fact transmit on both door open and door closed. For those sensors an AutoUntrip value of 0 will have no affect.
Attached is a ZIP file containing all of the RFXtrx plugin files required. If you have installed my previous upgrades, the only file you’ll need from this ZIP file is L_RFXtrx.lua.