Door Open Beep or Message

hi, i’m trying to setup my vera to trigger a “Beep” or a “Front Door” voice message when any of the doors are opened, but haven’t been able to get it done, i currently have an everspring siren and it works great but only as a full blown siren, any ideas how can this be achieved.

i use UI7 by the way…

Can’t help you with the sound, and I would be interested if anyone else comes up with a solution.

However, I use a programmable color light bulb (MiLight or Phillips Hue, for example) to come on with a specific color when the doors are unlocked, or the garage door is opened, etc. MiLight has a Vera plug in that makes changing the color of the light easy to accomplish.

This will be difficult to do with a zwave siren.
You can’t guarantee a short enough pulse.

You can use Sonos or Vera alerts android client to do tex to speech and have the door open trigger a voice message.

I have Vera alerts android running, how would I get text to speech?

I’ve been pondering this issue myself, and I’ve come to a couple different solutions, though I have not gotten anywhere on developing them.

  1. use a raspberry pi with a speaker plugged into it. Run webserver on pi. Call url that runs a script to pipe a sound to speaker.
    Pros: lots of flexibility, can do more than chirp.

Cons: requires a bit of setup, programming.

  1. use existing speakers on my foscam cameras to act as system speakers to make the noises. I’ve gotten in touch with them about it and the idea has been forwarded to their development team. In my mind, it’d be so simple for them to pipe audio files from an SD card to the speaker, via a url command in their API. This implementation isn’t going anywhere fast.

Silly me, I actually do have a voice alert, but it is on my Android cell phone, not a speaker or device in the house.

I do it by having Vera send an SMS message to my phone when my door unlocks or the garage door opens. I then have Tasker intercept the SMS message, and announce on the phone that I am home (Tasker also sends a message back to Vera to set Vera into the home mode).

Tasker can do a lot of good stuff on Android. I also use Tasker (and the AutoVera plugin) to control lights/locks/thermostat from the phone and my connected Wear watch.

I have Vera alerts android running, how would I get text to speech?

One of two ways:

  1. Mark the message with {tone:tts}
  2. In the Settings of the Android Vera Alerts App …
    Check the “Overrid Alert Tone” … this will speak ALL messages.