Door locking setup that's most convenient for renters

Hey folks, I’m considering getting one of the Yale ZWave locks to use on my new vacation rental. The front door currently has both a regular key-operated deadbolt and a regular key-operated doorknob; both can be locked from the inside.

I initially thought I’d just get a Yale ZWave deadbolt. But then I realized that a departing renter might accidentally leave the doorknob in the locked state, so the next renter would unlock the deadbolt with the code alright, but be unable to gain access because the doorknob was locked!

Another option is to get a Yale ZWave doorknob lock. But then the renter could possibly leave through the back door and accidentally leave the front door’s deadbolt in a locked state, so the next renter who came along would be in a similar jam as above.

One solution to both problems would be to get a Yale ZWave deadbolt, and get a lockless doorknob (like you might find on a closet door) called a ‘passage latch’. That way, it’s not possible for a renter to mess things up!

Curious if anyone else has tried this, or if there is something I might not be thinking of that would make this a bad idea?

Note that there is also a back door; I plan to have a regular key-operated deadbolt here, a lockless doorknob, and an old-fashioned lockbox to serve as a backup.

The typical setup for these locks I’ve seen is with a passage latch combination with the deadbolt. My front door has a latch & a zwave kwikset deadbolt combo.


Wouldn’t someone be coming to clean the place anyway so the double lock would be a non issue. I would still have the hall type handle and a dead bolt anyway. I would make the rear door a z wave remotely lockable dead bolt as well so if they leave it open and you won’t be able to get there you can lock it remotely.