Door Lock Vera iOS App

Controller: Vera Edge (firmware: 1.7.1018)
Door Lock: Baldwin (Kwikset) Z-Wave
iOS: 7.1.2

Using the door locks key pad to unlock/lock no issues. Smooth as butter.
Using web browser on local WiFi in the home connecting to Vera Edge controller to unlock/lock door lock no issues. Smooth as butter.
Using Vera iOS app to unlock door lock no issue. Smooth as butter.

Using Vera iOS app to LOCK door lock always fails. It locks and then keeps running the motor you hear grinding, reports failure of lock and then attempting to manually unlock/lock is very difficult via the knob, and with a key you feel you would end up breaking the key in the lock as there is not enough leverage as with the knob from the inside, you end up having to reset/calibrate the door lock. So something is wrong with the command(s) issued via the Vera App on iOS to LOCK the door lock.

This is a serious issue when you are remote, knowing if for any reason a lock command is issued your leaving the lock in a failed state and no access to get in. Family members don’t know how to reset/calibrate the lock, nor able to gain entry in order to perform such a reset/calibration. This really needs to be looking into.

Interesting piece of information. Thank you for sharing!

Are you positive this is the app? Have you tried consistently for each scenario? Meaning only using one method at a time to see if there is a failure. I highly doubt it is the app. Even if you issued multiple commands to the lock, it will only perform the command one at a time.

  • Garrett