Door lock status indicator

I hope this is a good place to put this. If not, a mod is welcome to move it or let me know how to move it.
I have my lock set to re-lock after 10 minutes (Unless the house is in party mode) and sometimes I unlock the door for my GF or her kids when I see them walking up. The problem is that they never know if the door is locked or not, so they always assume it’s locked. Well, they click the “schlage” button and it locks! Its not that big of a deal, but has anyone create an indicator so let people know if it’s locked?

I know, it probably sounds stupid. I’m not looking for a sign that says “HEY LOOOK OVER HERE!!! I’M UNLOCKED!!!”, but more of a subtle aproach like the door bell light is lit when the door is locked (or something similar). I thought of setting up the porch lights to be on when it’s locked, but that’s just a waste of electricity to keep a light on all day.

So has anyone done this, thought of doing this, or has done something similar?

The cost of power for the porch light will be cheaper than the batteries you have to put in the lock if you left the LED lights on for an extended period of time.

I was thinking maybe some one did a net trick with an LED, a doorbell light, or something like that… I’m gonna ponder on it some more and see what I can come up with. I’ll report back if I think of anything.

BTW, I didn’t even know I could turn the lights on the lock on like that :wink: It being battery powered, it’s not something I was considering for the reasons you mentioned.

My door has a spring to open smoothly a little (10 to 15 cm) then when I unlock the door it opens that size because the pression of the spring…
then my guests looks the door open.