Door Lock Notifications

I’d like to setup the following scenario but need some input on how it’s best accomplished:

Between the hours of 12am and 5pm, if any of the locks are left unlocked I would like VERA to SMS me.

Can someone provide the method of doing this?

Do you have a time line? In other words, if the doors are unlocked - AT ALL, or the doors are left unlocked for MORE THAN 5 MIN?

Good point. I think unlocked for 30 minutes would be fine.

…if I can join the club and with one stone kill 2 birds… :wink:

I have a scene that set a command to lock the door 30 minutes after the event door unlocked is sent.

It works well (simple scene: one event, one command) but I noticed that the “relock” command will be sent even if the door is already “relocked” ( I can ear the actuator; therefore it uses batteries for nothing).
What can be done to not do it if the door is already locked ? Another scene to cancel the first one (how do we do that?) when an event reports that the door is locked ?

And also send an SMS and/or email as requested by Markhc


so basically every half an hour I want to receive an SMS on cellular until someone locks the deadbolt.


Your doorlock has no actuator ? (to lock it remote)

I’m using the schlage.

I think a part of the answer should be here:

and another part here:

[code]Do something between 16:00 and 21:15:
local t =‘*t’)
local current_second = t.hour * 3600 + t.min * 60 + t.sec – number of seconds since midnight
local min_time_in_seconds = 16 * 3600 + 0 * 60 – 16:00
local max_time_in_seconds = 21 * 3600 + 15 * 60 – 21:15

if (current_second > min_time_in_seconds) and (current_second < max_time_in_seconds)
– do something
return false