Door Lock Failure

Sunday May 10, 2015…3 days ago, I installed a Veraedge controller and a Kwickset 940 lock. I entered the pin codes on the online module tested the pin codes several times, closed the door tested the lock button and the pin codes and everything worked fine. Yesterday, May 12, the code would not operate the lock and I could not connect to the controller while the carpet cleaners were at the door. Later that afternoon I was able to connect to the controller, but unable to test the lock because know one was there to see if it would work. I rescheduled the carpet cleaners today and when they arrived same thing I could not connect to the controller and the code would not open the lock.

I assume the problem is related to an internet problem, but why do the previously established codes not open the lock even if there is an internet outage? Is the controller the problem? Anyone know of a better controller? Is the lock the problem? Should I replace the lock with something better? If so what?

Also for some reason on the website it shows my doors as unlocked even though they are locked.

Anyone please provide some useful insight.