Door handle keypad or deadbolt keypad ?

So I’m looking to automate my entry door so I can give each guest their own entry code. I don’t think that my door will fit a door knob and a dead bolt with key pads. So my question is does it matter if I use a door handle with keypad (and just plug up the deadbolt hole); or install a thumb latch handle and add the deadbolt with keypad ? My VR is about 775 miles away and I’m really looking forward to doing some z-wave automation .


I went with the keypad/deadbolt approach. Seems more secure to me. The thumb latch handle takes less space than a regular door knob?

The lock vendors have installation guides that should show you the necessary spacing. I believe that Schlage had some information on this, but it may not be that easy for you to get to your VR to measure it.

This is just a follow-up for anyone wondering the same question. I purchased both locks and ran them for several months . Ultimately I went with the deadbolt setup . It is more secure and easier to use. JFYI I’m using the Kwik set smart locks that are easily to rekey also .