Don't want to stay on the new UI for now.

I have messed with the new UI all day today and IMHO its not stable enough to use. For those of us who want to stay on the old UI which version doe MCV recommend. I loaded it back to .979 but that version has some issues also. Has MCV done any other updates that they feel is more stable?

I don’t have the Thermostats that you have, but I was running on the 1.0.994 release prior to moving to the 1.1.x series, and it was very stable for me.

I’m rebuilding my Vera back to that release later tonight, as well as moving to the matching SQ Remote version (there are protocol differences). Don’t forget that you need 1.0.980 min for that support anyhow.

It looks like there’s a healthy body of folks to help stabilize and provide feedback on the 1.1.x release so they should be set there as well.

Guessed, where can I get .994 release? I’m still on .979.

In official announcements you’ll see the release for 979. Change the URL string to have “994” instead of “979”.

It was never formally released (neither was 980) but it had features I needed for TV Control so I ran it, and various other components very stably for a long time.

Thanks guessed… i’m doing something very unlike me - updating to a tested release rather than a new release… my girlfriend is even shocked… so unlike me…

thanks for the pointer- the new UI is alright but isn’t quite worth the effort for me either in it’s current state.

Guessed - one of my biggest issues is the UI is damn slow.

For those choosing to rollback, please take a moment to capture your thoughts on the new UI, and get that to the MCV Team - either in the Forums, or via a PM or Email note.

A number of you have already done that, and that’s really the only way to get our issues addressed.

I’ve sent my list already to MCV, and we chatted on the phone about some of them as well.

For reference, my issues were broken down into the following categories (in order of priority to me):

[ul][li]Functionality breakages (things that prevented me from working with the UI, or previously working functionality)
[li]Performance (quantitative measures of the performance problems)
[li]UI/Metaphor inconsistencies (things that were hard to work out, or operated differently across the components of the UI that lead to a general confusion)
[li]UI Presentation (Color, Font, Layout things that niggled me)

I’ll move up once it’s generally more stable, but in the meantime my focus is on running it as a real system and on developing further extensions in the Media Automation space… for that, I need a stable backend, and the UI is not that important.

@wseverino, yes. On My [ok, somewhat old] Windows XP Laptop it would goto 100% CPU for 5-7 seconds, every 30-40 seconds. This was very consistent, and likely a result of the UI “polling” Vera for stuff.

This made it very hard to use the Lappy to do other things, and often lead to “pauses” when using the UI itself.

At work, I ensure my Developers never have the latest/fastest hardware. Dev environments are slower than Stage and Stage is slower than Production. It helps “drive” performance home :wink: