Don't understand relationship between vera app events and MeshBots

I can see that there is more functionality in MeshBots than in scene events in the iPhone Vera app - but I thought I could do something simple like change the activation event time from the iPhone after setting other things in the MeshBot interface? Seems to have screwed things up. Event stopped triggering and notifications were lost.

What is the relationship between MeshBots and the Vera App settings? What should I do or not do from the Vera app (which is often more convenient to use) after I start using MeshBots. Do I need to abandon the Vera app completely?

Hi @radukelow

We are currently testing our MiOS mobile app (BetA), You can download It at:



It will be synched with ezlogic to avoid this issue you are experiencing. Currently, We do not recommend using our existing VeraMobile app to edit Meshbots that were created using ezlogic, however, you can continue using Vera App to create scenes with the same features as before.

If there’s anything else we can assist you with, we’ll gladly help you.

Everything in life is a choice. If it comes down to it I would vote in favor of richer functionality via and lagging functionality in the Vera App. I would hate to slow platform advancement because of the complex puzzle of matching exact functionality parity between the web interface and the phone app. Sure in an ideal world all would be equal, but its a question of constrained development resources and what is the most impactful activity for them.

Just my 2 cents.

CuriousB, I’m glad I gave you a chance to climb up on your soapbox. But my post wasn’t about trying to slow progress. I’m just trying to get enough insight to make informed decisions. When I have multiple options that look like they do the same thing but then things stop working as expected then I need more information - not criticism for asking for help.

BTW - a note for the development team: I did download the MIOS mobile app for IOs. I completely deleted a scene/Meshbot that had stopped working and recreated it using the WebUI. At this point it appears to be working correctly including notifications. But when I look at the Meshbot in the MIOS app then user notifications don’t appear. For now I will stick with using only Meshbots and will also stick with the WebUI for making changes. Thanks for your hard work.