Domoticz + Vera problem

I’m trying to add Domoticz (with Aeon z-wave stick) as slave to Vera. I use “Receive configuration from other controler” on Domoticz, and add new device on Vera. And it fails every time ;(

Device is found and added, but that’s all. I get “Device failed to configure” on Vera.
Domoticz logs shows this:

2019-07-30 00:12:59.457 Status: OpenZWave: Receive Configuration initiated…
2019-07-30 00:12:59.457 Status: OpenZWave: ControllerCommand - Starting
2019-07-30 00:13:02.461 Status: OpenZWave: Received timeout notification from HomeID: 3506591198, NodeID: 255 (0xff)
2019-07-30 00:13:02.461 Status: OpenZWave: ControllerCommand - Error - Failed
2019-07-30 00:13:29.233 Status: ZWave: Stopping Controller command (Timeout!)

I tried three times, every time I do hard reset on Domoticz stick and delete device on Vera.
What am I missing?

Does anybody can help me with this? Hope that someone here has also Vera+Domoticz installation.
and has some experience with adding Domoticz as secondary to existing Vera z-wave network?
Or maybe my expectation are too high and there is no way that these two devices will ever work in the same network?

I have done this a number of times (not with domoticz) with zway, ozwcp and home assistant. The later two are based on the openzwave library like openzwave. I also did it with the aeon stick. never had a problem so I don’t know what you are doing wrong. Are the two controllers physically close? If you see the device on the vera and the domesticz stick already saw the homeID then normally you are done. All you need to do from the domoticz stick is to get an update from the SIS… or run a configure of the secondary controller from the vera.

Well, I have some progress but still far from success :wink:

I deleted Domoticz dev from Vera and performed hard reset of OpenZWave from its control panel.
Then I started “add device” wizard in Vera and hit “Receive Configuration” in OZW.
After that almost immediately I got this in OZW:
2019-08-12 22:02:53.071 Error, contrlr, ERROR: Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s)

2019-08-12 22:02:53.071 Always,
2019-08-12 22:02:53.071 Always, Dumping queued log messages
2019-08-12 22:02:53.072 Always,
2019-08-12 22:02:53.072 Always,
2019-08-12 22:02:53.072 Always, End of queued log message dump
2019-08-12 22:02:53.072 Always

Then I restarted domoticz service and after that OZW started to report that it is Slave and now I can see in OZW 32 devices.

But… Vera still reports that Domoticz device as not working properly: "ERROR: Unable to get any information on node. And I cannot see all of my z-wave devices in OZW. For example I can see 3 Neo plugs, have no idea why I cannot see 4th one.

This integration should be smooth. It is not. As I understand z-wave protocol was designed for such situations (mesh network + several scene controllers). But since nobody knows how z-wave protocol works I don’t even know how to debug this.
It is out of topic, but taking into account how much time I spend to configure this z-wave, vera and the rest of this stuff there is no future for this technology. Z-wave promises gold standard for interoperatobility but doesn’t deliver it. Z-wave will become technology (or maybe already is) only for tech geeks who will have time, money and determination to implement it.

I’m really frustrated that again I have problem with things that just should work.

You can thoroughly ignore what the vera is telling you about that secondary controller. Disable auto configuration on it if you want and it will stop bothering you. The vera does not need to configure the secondary but somehow wants to. As long as your secondary controller can now see and control the devices on your network you achieved your goal, didn’t you?

Well, I can see some of my devices in OZW and even control them BUT:

  1. some of devices are missing or unrecognized (ID/type: 0x0000); for example I have 4 identical Neo plugs, 3 of them are recognized, 4th is missing; I can normally see and control all 4 in Vera.
  2. I can’t see any of my Fibaro battery devices (they are probably listed as unrecognized with ID and status 0x0000)
  3. status of some of devices is updated while in few cases I need to manually select ‘refresh’ to see current values
  4. new devices are not listed in OZW; today I added another Qubino Flush Shutter; first one is visible in OZW and I can control it; but the one I added today is missing and I have no idea what to do to see it in OZW.

I would encourage you to read up a little on multiple zwave controller setups. What you are describing is for the most part expected if you understand how they function.

I posted this link in the forum a number of times but here it is again:

For your sensors, they require associations to the controller to know to report status changes to them. Most sensor report to the lifeline association. Some older sensors are only willing to accept device number 1 as their lifeline.
You also have the complication of the security class if (not too surprising) the vera failed to add your secondary dongle with security which is a very vera special feature. Your Fibaro likely require secure keys which your second controller does not have. I don’t know if domotics supports adding your own security which you would have to copy over from the vera. I know ozwcp and home assistant do and I extracted my key from the vera and inserted it into those other controllers.
A new device will only be seen by the controller to which it was added. This is the reason why the SIS was invented. (Static ID Server) so another controller can interrogate the SIS to get an update. However the vera does not support toggling the bit to make itself a SIS so another controller needs to assign it. (I once used zway to do that but ozwcp I think can do that too… funny). Once the SIS is setup all the secondary controller will tell the SIS when they add a new device and any other secondary just needs to trigger an update from the SIS to get that device ID.

Thank your for detailed answer.

So if I understand you correctly I need to:

  1. configure associations group in devices so that they report its status properly
  2. manually copy security key from vera to ozw to see devices that was added in security mode
  3. enable SIS on Vera using ozwcp and after that I will see info about new devices from vera to ozwcp

I’m not sure if (2) will solve problem with missing devices, since I see all non-battery Fibaro devices in OZW (there is problem only with battery ones) - see attachment.

Also, if I succeed with (2) and (3) do I need to hard reset OZWCP (delete current configuration and add it to Vera again)?

If you do not see the devices, put the secondary domoticz in include mode and wake the battery operated device up. If it is like vera, the domoticz will tell you it added an existing device and will want to configure it. I am not familiar with domoticz so I don’t know how it behaves. Other controllers like zway do not show a device object on their UI until it got configuration information from them but the device is on their network.

It seems that I managed (thanks to @rafale77 help & suggestions) to integrate Vera with domoticz as slave. From OZW (domoticz) I can see devices status (also included as secure) and operate them.

There is still one issue: I don’t know how can I update device list in domoticz. I added several z-wave devices to Vera since including OZW as slave and I cannot see all this new devices in OZW. Do I need to enable Static ID Server in Vera (how?) or maybe do something else to have this device list updated?

If the domoticz is a secondary, you can get the updated list by getting the domoticz to interrogate the master. I am not sure how it is done from domoticz. I only tested it for a short time and forgot if such a command is available but it is a standard zwave command to update data from the master.