Does Vera Edge really support Zigbee?

According to Vera supports Zigbee but when I try to add a Zigbee device there is no entry for Generic Zigbee Device
Does this apply to Vera Edge?

Hello Pat,

Zigbee radio is only present in VeraPlus and VeraSecure.

Then someone should add that limitation to the documentation on the page above.

It says not avail on the Zigbee line under Vera Edge. Are you talking about another location?

It was not very specific on the documentation page which was later fixed. We’re in process of overhauling all our sites including documentation, which will make everything a lot more clearer and easy to read.

This page

I see that at the bottom of the page it says:

*Available only for the supported Vera Controllers(VeraPlus, VeraSecure)

Was that just added? or did I miss it before. I think it should be near the top of the page and explicitly state that Edge doesn’t support it.