Does Vera Alerts work well with the new Ezlo Controllers?

I have a VeraPlus and was thinking of upgrading. Has there been any issues with getting Vera Alerts to work with the new Ezlo controllers?

Ezlo controllers don’t work with any existing Vera plugin. So Vera Alerts will not work.

just as an FYI:
we have a whole new “Notification/Alert Framework” scheduled to be released Aug/Sept time frame for our Ezlo Platform.
A new Notification platform that will give you a granular control.
If you have any specific requirement as to how you want notification to work, please feel free to let us know here, we can compare notes and if we haven’t already thought about your use case, happy to include it as an improvement to our framework.


Have you used Richard’s Vera Alerts? It’s pretty decent. If you can include most of the features his application has, including but not limited to:

  1. Text To Speech (TTS) notifications (Via Android and Google voice TTS services, I currently have alerts being announced in JARVIS’s accent from Iron Man).
  2. Custom sound clips for certain alerts (Custom .wav or .mp3 uploads).
  3. Single screen where you have a log file of all activity from a selected range (Different colors for different severities of alerts. Red for doors unlocked, Blue for doors opened, etc).
  4. Alerts that can be outputted from an Android phone (I have an old Android phone tied into my home speaker system for this functionality).

If we can get this kind of functionality, I’ll make the transition as soon as it’s released. Honestly, Vera Alerts is the only thing that’s holding me back, currently.


For those that aren’t aware the 3rd party Vera Alerts was a stand alone mobile app for your phone where you would see all the notifications and a plugin for Vera.

I used it in the past but ditched it, as it was becoming unreliable.

I’m currently using Telegram messenger to receive all my text notifications to my phone from Vera / MSR.

So I’d like to see Ezlo have support for Telegram

Plus 1 for TTS announcements sent to voice assistant speakers. I currently have to use Node-Red to send them to my Google Home speakers.

Hi Melih,

One feature I would realyy like is that you can trigger an action from a notification. For example;

  • notification: Room temperature is above 22 degrees. Should I turn on the aircon Yes/No.
  • then a (scene) trigger for each of the options.

Cheers Rene


Every day we receive dozens of notifications messages / emails / various applications that we often do not give imoportanza because they are too frequent and we consult later.
VeraAlerts has a Voice that speaks! , in my case (see Link video) she warned me with:
"Intruder alarm, the door has been opened" … showing me a preview.
my wife was in the bedroom terrified and I notified the police in time precisely because it was not a simple notification

So in my opinion that Ezlo should evaluate the Voice notification and not a simple popup that could be ignored

I am the author of Vera Alerts. (Actually the concept started from another Author: Richard Green that started an android push notification app)
There are two parts:

  1. Plugin - Generalized notification platform for:
    a) Customizing messages (instead of default Vera messages)
    b) Selecting sink(s) for each message. (i.e. Pushover, Pushbullet, email, … and last but not least the Android Vera Alerts app. There were probably about 10 different sinks that I support plus the option to forward to another plugin.
    c) Templating to add information from Vera to the message.
  2. The - Vera Alerts Android App (This was the sink application that i wrote).
    This has TTS capability to hear messages.

I have now moved to Home Assistant. And they have much more capability to then I had in my plugin.
I even have an adapter that lets me send my Home Assistant notifications to my Vera Alerts Android App. (Because I have not bothered to learn how their TTS stuff works yet).


could you post your adapter

Ezlo is creating a very sophisticated/customizable Notification platform. Should be ready by the year end.

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Remove the .zip extension (This is a .tgz compressed tar format) … only used to get it to upload to this forum.
There is an example of setting up to your configuration.yaml you will beed your own Vera Alerts ID#

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