does the trial only work for 1 device ?

I have autovera on my Samsung, all working really well. I just bought another Android tablet, installed tasker, secure settings, autovera etc. I set up the same profile and task as on my Samsung, but it does not seem to update. While my phone keeps reacting to the trigger, my tablet doesnt. I checked and checked again, everything is the same. Is it because i am still on the trial version ? If it is then the problem will be resolved soon as i am now going to upgrade to the full version anyway as its a brilliant program

Have upgraded to the full version now, still no joy. And in my Vera device both Android devices are enabled for updates

Glad you’re enjoying AutoVera! The trial should work across devices that share a Google Account, if that same account was used to register for the trial.

When you purchase the AutoVera Unlock Key, it will work across devices that share a Google Account, such as your phone and tablet. To share to family members, each family member must also share the same Google Account. Sharing of apps to multiple individuals through a single Google Account is not a feature of AutoVera, it is a “loophole” of the current system Google Play utilizes for sharing access across devices. This type of shared access is not assured, and you should typically purchase one app license per individual, if not to support AutoVera and future development.

You can also choose to subscribe to AutoApps, which is currently in Beta. AutoApps provides access to all 20+ Auto-plugins for $1.35/mo, including AutoVera, as well as exclusive access to Alpha apps not yet ready for primetime, like AutoXBMC and AutoYouTube. These apps are typically available for between $.99 and $3.99, and as you start to expand your Tasker automation, you’ll certainly be coming across more of them. Each AutoApp plugin provides extended access to APIs offered by Android and various software platforms, directly in to Tasker. There is a growing Google+ community of thousands of members that provide support and how-to guides to help you when you need it.

Subscribing to AutoApps is entirely optional, each Auto-plugin is still available for purchase with a free trial in Google Play. As well as being an affordable way to try out multiple Auto-plugins at once, subscription to AutoApps is another way to say thank you and support further development.

So have you got any ideas why it is not working at all on my new Android tablet ? I have set up various other triggers, just to see if they get updates from autovera. They dont. So something is wrong. Any ideas of where to start checking of whats wrong ?
So far i have done this:
Checked autovera device in UI5 is enabled for both devices
Set up autovera dummy tasks in tasker (just says test when triggered) for a plug in power switch, a virtual switch, and a motion detector. None of them update. The settings of the motion detector are the same as on my Android phone
If i trigger the tasks from within tasker (run task) they work. All of them.

Have you enabled the Status Updates individually from within the AutoVera app, Your Vera>Devices>Bell Icon?

I knew it must have been something really silly. I feel very stupid now. No, I completely forgot about that. I will try that tonight but it obviously won’t work without…

Update: all working fine now