Does the Fujikam or Univivi work with Vera?

Im looking for a new IP camera and have found the two cameras listed below. They look to be the same camera, but I was wondering if they would work with Vera?

Fujikam FI-361 HD

Univivi U600W®-Network-Wireless-Support-Andriod/dp/B00S7MRAU6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426698879&sr=8-1&keywords=Univivi+U600W


I never heard of them until your pointed it out. SO I’m thinking your not getting any responses for that reason.

VERA just needs a URL to get the picture from and its possible your can find that.

The pan and tilt function are more complicated and I’m almost positive you wont get that.

Why not stick to something more popular?

The listed cameras are a very good value for the money. It seems to have a very good pic quality and night vision.

Well I really hate Foscams (I have had 6) but these are the same and the foscams are fully supported and popular. So I would take a foscam over these even tho I would much rather get a better camera for the same price. Something metal not plastic and not wifi but POE.

What would you recommend then?

Really depends on what features you need.

I first bought foscams because for a 100.00 it had alot of features pan, tilt, sd card, wifi, IR.

I found out after using them awhile that wireless was unreliable. The camera would drop and you couldn’t get it back (while away from the house) until you unplugged it and plugged it back in. So I ended up running cat5e anyways.

Then Power was and issue. Where I wanted the cameras there was no plug in the 5ft reach. After playing with it I learned that the power input on these was like 5 or 6v and if you try to extend the low voltage side the power drop was to much and camera wouldn’t work, so I need to extend the 120v high power side closer to the camera, which was either expensive or mickey (extension cords).

Mic/speaker. Well the mic is good you can hear and works good. The speaker is use less. They can hear noise but they can’t understand you.

SD card was never used, I heard it was hard to access the stored data and certain cards didn’t work, but I never tried it. I have always used BLUE IRIS and there is a plugin for VERA.

Pan and Tilt. At first seemed like a plus to have and after a while you find that you don’t use it. The camera recording is facing one direction all day anyways. Then I had setup motion detection outlines to shade movement from unwanted areas, well if you do this and then you move the camera around the blacked out areas are no longer in the right place. Then other family members would be using them and not put them back in the right place after use. It ened up just more hassle and no use. If you have a wide angle lens and mount in a corner you can see the whole view anyways without movement. If you place in the middle of the room (not sure why) but then it makes more sense.

So bottomline is after Using them for several months I found I just wanted day/night and a solid POE camera with good picture. I now use alot of these which can be found for 90.00

and these

They also have ones with Mic but I have never used

and they have mic and speaker plastic ones that I have never used. but thinking about it.

If you really want all those features and still like the ones you posted check out these instead. Almost same specs and price and have more reviews with a same rating.

or the higher model

These work all WORK with vera. The foscams are 1.3 MP vs. 3MP picture of the hikvisions and hikvisions are steady 30FPS where foscam drops to less then 10 at night.

Depends on where your priorities are in the camera.

I also have the Fujikam camera and am very happy with the quality and video capabilities. However, I have been unable to get it to work with VERA - has any one had any success?

Any issues with the cameras with Chinese firmware? Those cameras are $135 vs $180 for ones with English.

Which ones?

Specifically the Hikvisions.

I have only bought the NON USA ones, everything is in English that I can see and it all works fine. I have upated a few. I think mine have been considered “multi language”. But do have Chinese writing on outside of box. None have been over 100.00. Most on ebay are 85.00 to 90.00 only one time when I was in a hurry did I get one for 110 from Amazon 2 day prime. All the cameras are made in china anyways.

I have not had to send any back for warranty but I suspect my problem will be that if I have a multi lang from ebay vs. a USA one from a auth. dealer. But at double the price and I have probley 15 between a few houses I have well saved if I need to just junk one. But If you a warranty person that might be the only issue I would see.