Does my switch support associations?


I want to know if the switches that I am using support associations. I tried to configure associations with it but I am not sure the correct way to do it.

Not sure if it helps but just in case…

From the advanced tab:

Manufacturerinfo: 272,9233,1
Capabilities: 210,28,0,4,16,1,L,R,B,RS,|37,96:2,114,119,134,
NodeInfo: 25,60,72,77,86,
MultiChCapabilities: 1,33,0,49,

Not sure if it helps but just in case…


Thanks Ap15e that is a great link!!! Unfortunately this manufacturer (Frostdale, amazing products BTW) isn’t listed there.
Can I get the answer from the capabilities listed above?


Vera claims that your device doesn’t support [tt]COMMAND_CLASS_ASSOCIATION[/tt].

You could try adding 133 to the [tt]Capabilities[/tt]:

What is an association w.r.t Z-wave? Hopefully I’m learning new everyday :slight_smile:

I answered myself

@glaso: BAW - wouldn’t it be possible to create a scene in Vera (assuming as per Ap15e that your device doesn’t support the association) to trigger some other device? Just a thought…

Yes, of course it is possible. But you have to rely on Vera to poll the device that you trigger and there can be a delay. With associations, there are no delays. Almost instant.

  • Garrett

@mysticjay Yes, in fact is possible to replicate that function but, although this switches have instant status report, that hot always happens instantly, so commonly you have some delay.

@Ap15e, thanks for the tips. I tried to do that with no luck. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Here is the procedure:

1.- Add the number 133 in device capabilities
2.- Save
3.- Add group 1 and point it to a target device (number 119) and Vera (number 1)… no sure if adding device 1 is necessary.
4.- Save

I can notice that the association is recorded by Vera, but, when I activate the switch, nothing happens with target device.

using vera with to do it with scenes generally works very well for me. I have an intermatic switch that i use to control an act wall wort. both have a lamp attached.

i have a scene to turn the wall wort on or off when the switch turns on.

Its in my master bed room - one lamp on my dresser other is on my wifes dresser. So we use it daily at least one one and one off. Plenty of times several times on and off a day. I go weeks on end where the lamps work perfectly in sync to the point that the ramp rates match. Ever now and again i turn my lamp on or off and vera misses turning off my wifes lamp. If i check with the home buddy app on my phone vera at the time isn’t in sync with the light switch. Presumably the switch hasn’t told vera what’s up. Toggling switch in person or using home buddy to repeat the command fixes immediately. (if i wasn’t impatient i believe when vera realized the switches status it would catch up…)

intermatic switched dont to my knowledge have instant notification- so i have no idea how vera is so instant most times.