Does Leviton wall switch (Decora) work with VeraEdge?

I am converting from Wink to VeraEdge but it is not clear if I can convert a Leviton wall switch to VeraEdge. It isn’t in the list of devices. I don’t want to leave it connected to Wink.
I also have a couple of GE bulbs (Wink) which also do not seem to be supported.

My house is >80% Leviton on a Vera Plus. I have every version of every Leviton Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus switch, dimmer, and scene controller sold since 2014 running, no problems, no failures. I would not expect different performance/compatibility on an Edge.

I too am running >80% Leviton zwave switches, dimmers/scene controllers and have had no problems… loving the uniform look and feel. Have not had to replace any due to failures yet.

Vera supports some Leviton switches but does not list the wall switch in the one above which is listed as a Leviton Relay Power Switch. Do you have that version?

I have no idea what device you speak of… The beauty of zwave though is that it is an standard stack. I did experience anything too exotic with leviton devices so I suppose, if it implemented the standard command classes, the vera will work just fine with it.

The Leviton wall switch is a DZ15S and I was able to migrate it to Vera without difficulty.

Yup, I’ve got a bunch of these. They work great. They are an updated VRS15.

I have a few of these as well. They are excellent. Just watch for the decora non certified version which doesn’t have instant status. I have a couple of these as well. I think they are the DZS15…

Indeed, and that’s not confusing… there are some models “in the gap”–after the phase-out of the original VRS15 (which had instant status), the first DZS15s were still Z-Wave, not Plus (and, surprise, no instant status). Just make sure you get Z-Wave Plus models for that “two-way communication”.