Does INSTEON actually work?

I have a VeraLite which apparently sees my 2412. But whenever I attempt to add devices, I just get the (very unhelpful) javascript popup “Command was sent” and nothing else happens. No device shows up anywhere. What’s supposed to happen when you click “Close” in that javascript alert?

Ok - about five minutes or so after doing the add new devices just appeared in the devices page in “no room”. Those were the devices i tried to add earlier. Why is there a delay?

You’re going to find the Native Insteon support on the Vera to be pretty marginal. (Which is unfortunate as there seem to be a fair number of people that want to use it.) Just search the forum for “Insteon” and you will see a lot of frustration with people trying to get things working.

From what I have seen, the delay has something to do with how often the full web page is updated by the browser. I found that if I add a device and then click on the “Refresh” button the devices show up faster.