Does Homewave have some internal device number limit?

Today I added a couple virtual temperature sensors to a UI5/V3 config. When I went to add them to Homewave, I noticed that even after refreshing the device list, these guys weren’t listed as options to link to. Their device numbers are 202 and 203. I also noticed that a real GE lamp module isn’t listed, and it’s 201. Everything up to 199 looks fine. Is there something amiss here?


@ rlmalisz I have devices with device number >1600 on both my UI7 Vera and on OpenLuup that are displayed correctly, so I assume that it would work on an UI5 unit also.
Worth noting is that not all devices are displayed for all types of elements in Homewave, since Homewave filters on device type.
Try adding a 3 value multi element and see if the new devices are visible for this element, this element type should list most/all devices.


Issue was a brain fart on my end. Once I selected the device type in Homewave as “display the value of a sensor” instead of “sensor” they showed up, presumably because they don’t have some settable property (armed, disarmed maybe? Battery level?) that “sensors” have. All good.

It’s a step in unwinding a decaying Rube Goldberg matrix of stuff to control things like our greenhouse exhaust fan. Have been using a Honeywell/Hideki weather station forever, but it’s long since been EOL’ed, and one by one, the sensors die. Had been sucking up data from that with “wview”, which is also no longer supported. That allows you to display extra sensors on the webpage it creates, but won’t add extra sensors to the DB it keeps (that you can query) for the Hideki. So I had a cron job scraping the greenhouse temperature values off the web page periodically and stuffing them into the DB itself. Have a Vera scene that checks the outside temp (DB query), the greenhouse inside temp (a different DB query, and one that is at least five minutes old because of the way wview publishes its web page), and decides if the exhaust fan should be on. Every five minutes.

Had also battled forever with getting a good doorbell sensor setup working with Vera. Saw a suggestion in one of these fora that a user had just gotten an Aqara vibration sensor and stuck it on the doorbell chime and that worked. So I looked into that…as things make sense, have been going hybrid with more Homekit stuff (door locks, mostly), so got an Aqara Homekit hub and a vibration sensor, and with a bit of shortcut automation jiggering now reliably get Prowl alerts when the doorbell gets pressed, which is all we were wanting. Can get an alert pretty easily using the Aqara internal automations, but those actually run on their servers. This all runs on our Homekit hub. And the alert gets delivered through Prowl, which is what we’re used to.

Emboldened by that, I ordered a pair of the Aqara “Homekit” temp-hum sensors. Got those paired and visible in Homekit, and with some more automation and shortcut futzing, have their temperature readings showing up in virtual sensors in UI5. And now, as a bonus, in Homewave.

Ambient Weather WS5000 shows up soon to replace the Hideki, and the whole wview-web-scrape-DB snarl of code goes away. The WS5000 can be queried directly locally for current temperature. I can now query the virtual greenhouse sensor directly for that temperature. And I can trivially set up Homekit automations to warn us if either the greenhouse or garage temperatures go below threshholds we choose.

I’ve probably just replaced one Rube Goldberg machine with another, but this one seems simpler and probably has more legs.


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