Does Ezlo Plus work with HA Bridge?

When I was primarily using my VeraLite I had to use HA Bridge on a Raspbery PI to use voice automation with Alexa and Google. After I downgraded to Ezlo Plus it has built in integration and no longer needed the bridge. The problem is that it is too slow to turn on and off lights. HA Bridge was local and much faster. Can I use HA Bridge with Ezlo Plus?

Meaning you want to be able to control the devices paired on your Ezlo hub via HA Bridge ?

So you would need to be able to add those Ezlo devices into HA bridge etc.

I haven’t tried it but it might be possible to manually added an Ezlo device in to HA bridge and using the Ezlo HTTP Server API URL commands etc to control that device.

I forget fully how Vera worked with HA Bridge and Alexa.

You might want to start by looking at this thread where I explain how to use the HTTP API on Elzo hubs.

Once you have your URL commands figured out you could add them in to a new device on the HA bridge etc.

I just tried it.

So using the Ezlo HTTP Server API and the Online API Tool I was able to find the required information about an Appliance Plug that is on my Ezlo Plus.

Using its “Switch” Item ID to control the plug on or off etc.

With this item ID I could then construct my ON / OFF commands.



Then in HA Bridge I manually created a new device, as HA Bridge doesn’t natively support Ezlo hubs and won’t simply show you a nice list of your devices like it does for Vera firmware hubs.

Then scroll down and enter your Ezlo HTTP commands for ON and OFF etc.

Then click the Blue Add Bridge Device button at the top.

In my HA Bridge devices list I could then see my new device named “Ezlo Appliance Plug”

And pressing the button in HA bridge for ON / OFF did then turn that actual plug on and off.

I don’t think my Alexa is connected to my HA bridge anymore as I no longer use it, but at this point you should be able to tell Alexa to discover new devices etc, thus now giving you local voice control rather than Ezlo’s own crappy cloud voice assistant integration which rarely works properly.