Do you need to be connected to the Internet to pair a device?

Just got my Vera 3 running UI6. Device setup completed ok. However, I was trying to pair a z wave receptacle that was not near the device so I disconnected it from the ethernet cable and power and moved the Vera closer to the receptacle, plugged it into a separate outlet and the Vera was not connected to the internet. When I pressed the Z wave button on the device it would not go into pairing mode where the Z wave light on the device flashes. After some trial and error I got a live ethernet cable over to the Vera near the receptacle and plugged it in so the Vera was connected to the internet. When I pressed the Z wave button on the Vera it worked and the receptacle was paired successfully.

My question is, does the Vera 3 need to be connected to the Internet before it can go into pairing mode??? My understanding is that you just needed to power the Vera near the device you want to pair and press the Z wave buttons on the Vera and the device. Am I doing something wrong here? Otherwise, its not practical to have an internet connection every time you need to pair a device!

I have never tried it like that. The Vera Lite does not need to be connected to the internet. I wouldn’t think Vera 3 would have to. All of the devices I have added recently, I can just plug in over by Vera 3 and pair it in place and then move to where I want to use it and realign the neighbors. I will try it out in few minutes and report back.

Thanks. In my case the z wave receptacle is hard wired in the wall. Fortunately, I have access to an ethernet cable in that room but not in the other rooms where I will be installing other hard wired z-wave devices. If the Vera 3 needs an internet connection to pair, then it makes no sense for me.

Interested in what you find on your end. :wink:

According to the section on the Vera 3 screen from the computer, if you go to DEVICES and then select ADD DEVICES and then ADD Z Wave Devices. It gives 2 options. One to bring the device to Vera 3 and the other is to run Vera 3 with a battery pack and take Vera 3 to the device itself and then when you get back to your computer, it will show the devices you added while you were on battery.
I didn’t know Vera 3 had a battery pack and the battery option did not say anything about an internet connection.

BTW, I couldn’t get Vera 3 to pair a GE / Jasco light module when not connected to internet either. Maybe something to do with battery vs. AC power and the internet connection???

Who knows? Maybe we can get some of the smart Senior members to enlighten us

Internet connection is not required to add a device.

You may have had a range issue.

It is always a good practice to go through the process to remove it from your network before you try to add it. Just in case some association existed as a result of factory testing.