Do you need a router when using VERA

Hello this might be a stupid question but here it goes. I have 3 vera’s in three different places in Florida 2 of them I have a cable modem and a router then Vera plug into the router. The third I have a router plug to the wall (ethernet) and then Vera plug into the router.
My question is do I need router when using Vera or can I just use Vera for my router. I would also like to know if anyone ever tried the link system from Schlage my Vera has to be reset atleast 1 a month and it’s a pain since I’m in NJ.

Thanks Mike

Vera itself is a router, and you don’t need a second one for your home network. However, many people found it easier to setup their home network by getting an independant router.

On my end, I’m using my Vera 2 unit as a router and it’s working great . I have one computer wired through the Ethernet port and two wireless devices.

If all you want out of a router is plug it in a forget about it, Vera is probably enough, if you want to get more services out of your router, MCV has said they will not be supporting Vera that have had their OpenWrt configurations changed beyond want can be done through the Vera interface.

If you want a good router - get a good router.

Vera is not designed as a home router, and using it as a router is a security risk for most users - unless you know what you’re doing very well. Many options are not obvious, hard to reach, or otherwise not available, so it’s likely to be less protected then an average Linksys.

Ok Thanks I’ll keep it the way I have it.

I prefer to let Vera be a client behind my network instead of the firewall. The way I see it, if Vera is spending time doing NAT and handling all the packets in the network she’s not going to be keeping a close eye on the home networking app running on her.

So, I use Vera in Wifi Client mode, so she connects to my wireless AP’s throughout the home and that makes it easier to place Vera in the “Sweet spot” for better communication through the home. I also like the idea of taking a 30 foot USB extension and placing the Z-Wave dongle on that. Then I can place the Z-wave dongle higher up and play with placement for the best signal distribution.

If you don’t have another router to spare, Vera will do the job as your main router too.